Welcome to North Atlanta Kings Sports Association, LLC

football player in red jersey shirt and white pants running on field during daytime

Welcome To the North Atlanta Kings, LLC

The Mission of the North Atlanta Kings is to exemplify excellence in character, ethics, and sportsmanship in the field of football.  We strive to meet our goals with courage, respect, dedication, heart and pride. We uphold a responsibility to ourselves and our local communities to compete in an elite environment with self respect, integrity, perseverance and moral ethical standing. 

North Atlanta Kings Sports Association Staff

The North Atlanta Kings Sports Association, LLC Staff serves as a platform to oversee the running, operations and success of the North Atlanta Kings Football Team .

Kimberly Smith

Team Owner

Coach Mac Beausejour


Sarah Stoker

Administration Coordinatior

Dwuane Russell

Offense Coordinator

Temeka Glaze

Defense Coordinator 

Lorenzo Kelley

Special Teams Coordinator

Caleb Lee

Defense Coach

Ketah Starz

Media and Marketing Director


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